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Human resource outsourcing firms process some of the internal HR operations of a company to a third party. These third parties usually called as HR outsourcing companies performs some of or all the functions of HR department. The company tells the HR provider their requirements. The main purpose for business HR outsourcing process is to allow the company to invest more time, money and human resources into core business activities and other strategies, which help company growth. HR BPO companies provide more professional, flexible, faster and cheaper services.

Human resource outsourcing firms reduces company costs and increase productivity. The most popular in human resource business process outsourcing are payroll management and benefits services. Other HR BPO functions include human resource administration such as recruiting staff, training and firing. The majority of the companies that are looking to outsource are multinational companies from western countries. Most of the HR BPO companies are located in countries such as India, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Russia.

The benefits of HR BPO include cost savings, skilled manpower and advanced technology. Low HR management costs, the ability to focus on core business competencies, access to expert manpower at reasonable costs, improvement of risk management, increased productivity, precise process management etc. benefits multinational companies. Outsourcing HR functions to HR BPO companies helps achieve best outsourcing results. Companies acquire the knowledge of the provider market, expertise, and tools. HR BPO help companies to recognize areas where benefits could be increased from outsourcing.

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