What is HR

HR is the abbreviation for “Human Resources”. Human Resources refers the people that make up the workforce of an organization. The particular department within said organization that is appointed to taking care of these people is considered the human resource department or HR for short. The end goal for this department is to make decisions that not only benefit the human resources of an organization but the organization as a whole, which most find to be a very delicate balance best handled by trained professionals.

Within this delicate balance the HR department must find a way to get the most return on there investment, the investment being hired employees. One way to do this is by matching up particular skill sets individual workers have with corresponding tasks. Another major task set aside for the human resources department is making sure the organization complies to laws with regards to workers rights. This can be the most difficult task because the return on investment does not only depend on strict laws and regulation but human decency and compassion.

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